About the founder & Group C.E.O.

An entrepreneur and holds a degree in BA (Hons) Marketing (Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK). Before holding such honors, he graduated with a Multimedia and Graphic Design background and used to procure a job as an animator in an advertising agency, thus signifying his experience in design. He then proceeded to be a multifaceted consultant that decided to kick start his career in an agency firm where he picked up beneficial skills that provided him with a steady platform to rise and improve. Then, he switched to a career spanning about 8 years with a multinational Japanese electronics giant, doing corporate planning and marketing which earned him a vast knowledge of both sales and marketing. With his tremendously keen interest in design and marketing, he decided to quench his passion by doing freelance consultancy where there’re recurring clienteles. Following this, he started his own venture by setting up Creative Today Sdn. Bhd. to make his stand on the industry.
As one who always had one belief in his business ecosystems, the concept of “Don't always think about taking before giving; Don't always think about giving because of receiving” is the principle he upholds that became the pillar behind all his companies. He strives to provide opportunity to all his employees to be partners with him together in all his ventures, always believing in giving others a better future to build towards. A man of foresight, he believed in the potential of e-commerce even during the time when it is unstable and unpredictable which  ultimately helped Creative Today Sdn. Bhd. Gain a foothold in the market and allow it to expand magnificently. He had successfully made his own legacy through a multitude of marketing strategies which include O2O marketing, social media marketing, PR marketing and B2B marketing. With his multifaceted skills in hands on design, visual enhancements coupled with vast sales and marketing experience, he is indeed to expose the insights of social marketing and beyond that. With his passionate belief along with his steady and amazing career span, he would most certainly introduce and recommend his own creative formula to success through his latest development on certain successful methodologies. Not forgetting, his real life experience through – out his career is shared with full on passion and devotion. His determination has ensured the overall success of 6 profit-making startups in a short span of few years within Malaysia.

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With a unique management methodology, the Creative Today team has always strive to cater to the needs of the clientele with efficiency without compromising good service. Creative Today even has its very own Research and Development (R & D) team that is dedicated in churning out innovative product and service lines that meet the demand of the modern masses. Creative Today also has its own design team which works closely with the R & D team to ensure that the products adn services are always top notch, fashionable, trendy and more importantly, durable and practical in aiding or improving the undertakings of daily life. We are deeply motivated in channeling all focus in various varieties of methods to ensure customers are provided with what is needed that warrants long lasting quality aspects which aids in enabling a smooth transaction and delivery.

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