About Us


Creative Today Sdn. Bhd. is an establishment that functions mostly as a marketing arm as well as a dedicated manufacturer and distributor of the latest innovative and trendy gadgets in the market today. Creative Today Sdn. Bhd. first started out mostly in distribution and trading but it has grown to the point of creating its own in-house brand. To date, Creative Today Sdn. Bhd. indulges in product development, managing in-house brands, trading, e-commerce and web and app development. We deal with products that comprise of the latest creativity, which are essentially a dominating necessity currently and continue to be so in the near future. At Creative Today, we greatly appreciate long-term relationships with our customers and are strongly determined to be quality oriented where we greatly value innovation and efficient solutions to meet our customers’ desires and needs. We are deeply motivated in channelling all focus in various varieties of methods to ensure customers are provided with what is needed that warrants long lasting quality aspects which aids in enabling a smooth transaction and delivery. To achieve this goal, we have implemented multiple initiatives that are aimed at improving service delivery and the understanding of customer needs.

Creative Today is an organization that not only practice standard sales operations but also heavily utilizes online means to efficiently connect with customers. In short, with the busy corporate clientele in mind, Creative Today has always implemented easier ways of dealings to smooth out transactions and ensure a safe and efficient delivery. Plus, Creative Today even offers attractive products which could be browsed with ease. Currently, Creative Today Group has expended their business scope to now include not only an interesting range of electronic gadgets but also spans towards creative furniture, trendy lighting, glamorous fashion line and fun educational toys. Creative Today Sdn. Bhd. is now an organization that has expanded its reach where it went on to create other 6 successful establishments and ensured the overall success of 6 profit-making startups in a short span of few years within Malaysia.. This expansion has allowed Creative Today Sdn. Bhd. to concentrate its focus spanning from the normal consumer, online community, online market and to the corporate market. We also fix our sights on the young and aspiring entrepreneur as we are greatly dedicated in empowering the youth to be the next future entrepreneurs through various learning programs and training.

To note, Creative Today is founded with a noble intention to help elevate, aid, nurture and inspire young aspiring entrepreneurs. To accomplish this goal, the group implements a variety of routine practices ranging from HR benefits to cliental managements which are always strictly compliant to the principles of UNGC. To continuously meet customer expectations, Creative Today strive to update the approach to the current market by introducing newer and newer products so that the wow factor remains. In order to achieve that goal, Creative Today has its very own Research and Development (R & D) team that is dedicated in churning out innovative product lines that meet the demand of the modern masses. Creative Today also has its own design team which works closely with the R & D team to ensure that the products are always top notch, fashionable, trendy and more importantly, durable and practical in aiding or improving the undertakings of daily life.

As a conclusion, we are eagerly determined to ensure that we’ll do our utmost best in promoting our product line and offer creative solutions in achieving recognition among the public effectively and efficiently. Being true to our motto, “We build people, people build businesses”, Creative Today Sdn. Bhd. ensures every form of implementation to empower people and allowing future businesses to grow and expand. Why innovate later when you can be Creative Today.